Svenska Verb: nu blir det roligt att böja!

Programmet Svenska Verb är utvecklat för att hjälpa dig lära in olika verbformer i svenska språket.

Det är väldigt enkelt att använda programmet – välj de inställningar du vill och skriv in i fälten de verbformer som fattas. Du kan välja ut verb enligt din språknivå, använda olika kolumner som tips, sortera verben på olika sätt och andra användbara saker.

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2020-01-29: Improved options for verb selection

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22:39, 29.01.2020

Improved options for verb selection.


So after three years of not doing any updates, a personal letter from Pouf made me get myself together and add some new functions and fix the old ones which wasn't that easy.

I can take this opportunity to explain different options of verb selection.

  1. Tab "Efter nivå och grupp" let you choose verbs by your knowledge level and group.

  2. Tab "Välj verb" let you choose the verb manually if you need to practice some particular verbs

  3. And in the tab "Misstag" you can see the verbs where you made some mistakes during practicing and didn't correct them. To make a verb disappear from the error list you need to enter all its forms without a mistake.
    The new feature allows you also to do it manually.

I hope you have nice time.
Please let me know if you experience any problems after this update. It was a tricky one.

22:03, 16.02.2017

Web-site restored after being hacked again.


I am sorry that I notice there problems with the web-site few month later the problems appeared. Again it seems that the web-site got attacked and its database with all the verbs destroyed.

It took me few days to find a backup on an old computer. The backup was some years old and contained spelling errors, but I went through all the comments and fixed all the reported mistakes. So now it should be even better than before.

Please let me know if you see any other problems when you sing this website.

Good luck with your studying.

No pasaran this time!

23:03, 09.11.2015

Web-site restored after being hacked.


If you experienced problems with using the program in the last few days - it was due to the fact that the web-site got attacked and the database with all the verbs destroyed.

Now I restored the data, however, some corrections that were made earlier are now gone. I will try to find them and implement.

Please let me know if you see any other problems when you sing this website.

Good luck with your studying.

No pasaran!

19:15, 24.06.2014

Replacements for the Swedish letters ÅÄÖ are added.


And I'm ready with another update.

Earlier some people asked me to add some possibility to use the Svenska Verb for those who only have a Latin keyboard and do not have specific Swedish characters ÅÄÖ.

I thought it was a good idea and added two different options to insert the Swedish characters into your answers having only an English keyboard – with the help of virtual keyboard and letter combinations. I hope you like it.

What’s new:

  1. Added virtual keyboard for the Swedish letters ÅÄÖ.

    To use it you need to:

    • Click on the field you want to insert the character into.
    • Click on one of the buttons of the virtual keyboard .
  2. Added auto-replacement for the letter combinations: aa→Å, ae→Ä, oe→Ö.

    To use it, you need to:

    • Type AA to get the letter Å.
    • Type AE to get the letter Ä.
    • Type OE to get the letter Ö.

    (Character case does not matter)

  3. A new option for the Russian language is added.

    At the moment, only about 400 out of 2300 verbs in the database have the Russian translation.

    The new option is added to provide you control over how to deal with the verbs that do not have the translation.

    If the checkbox is selected – only the verbs with the Russian translation will be selected.

    If it is not selected – then the English translation will be used as a replacement.

  4. Some errors in verb database are fixed.
  5. Minor bugs are fixed.
  6. Interface translations in Russian and Swedish are improved.
13:00, 12.05.2014

Major update to version 3.0!

Hello everybody.

I'm glad to announce the new version of the Svenska Verb program.

I tested it in different browsers for several weeks, but still it is very likely that I missed some bugs, malfunctions or grammar errors. If you notice that something doesn’t work as it should, please let me know and I’ll try to fix it.

What’s new:

  1. The verb database was updated with almost 2000 new verbs and at the moment includes 2306 verbs. That’s a lot to learn!
    I must say that the new verbs do not have Russian translation and it is not in my nearest plans to add it. This is something you have to accept.
  2. To solve the verb you must click ENTER on the keyboard!
  3. The feature to learn only participial verbs (particip verb) was added. When chosen, all other verb selection options will be ignored and only participial verbs will be shown.
  4. Your settings and results will be saved on your computer in local storage which allows them to not be erased when you restart the browser.
  5. If you make a mistake while solving a verb, this verb is added to the list of the mistakes. You can always choose this list in the menu to work on your mistakes. To remove the verb from this list you must solve all the verb forms of that verb without making a single mistake.
  6. There are many verbs added that consist of more than one word or can have several correct answers. The words that are shown with black color are must be included in your answers as they are a part of the verb. Words that are shown with grey color are not obligatory and it is up to you to include them in your answers or not.


    Specialisera sig på/inom – can be solved as: specialisera sig, specialisera sig på, specialisera inom

    förta sig eller förtaga sig – can be solved as: förta sig, förtaga sig

    reda ut – can be solved only as reda ut

    utsätta någon för – can be solved as: utsätta för, utsätta någon för.

  7. Changes in the interface:
    • To close the menu you need to click on the (X) in the corner or anywhere outside the menu.
    • You can close the intro text above the verbs table by clicking on the (X) in the corner.
    • I made a “Downloads” page with different files to download.
    • Your right and wrong answers are saved when you switch the pages with verbs. But they are erased if you change settings or reload the web-page.
19:10, 25.10.2013

Printable PDF with the list of verbs is up for download!

Finally I pulled myself together and prepared a PDF file with all the verbs I have so far (I know the list is still short, but better this than nothing :)

You can download the file by clicking the link below:

Svenska Verb lista (PDF, 124 KB)


Download from Dropbox

Happy learning!

17:33, 16.12.2012

Updated to version 2.2.2


  • Now you can select yourself which verbs you want to practice!
    Please read below about how to do it.
    I should thank Laura for some inspiration.
  • Minor CSS issues in IE7 have been fixed.

Before you start:

In order the new functions to work correctly you should:

  • flush your settings by clicking on this button:

  • and then press Ctrl+F5 in your browser to refresh the page.

How to choose the verbs yourself:

I have re-worked the "1. Choose verbs" section in the menu. Now it looks like this:

As you see, now there is two tabs: "By level and group" and "Choose verbs".

When the first tab is selected, you can see the standard option - a number of checkboxes, clicking on which gives you possibility to choose the verbs you want to practice according to their level and a group.

Clicking on the "Choose verbs" tab allows you to choose the verbs you want to practice yourself.

In the tab you can see the list of all the verbs. You can choose a verb to practice by clicking on it.

You can sort this list by using the Show verbs drop-down.

You can as well find a verb you need by using a Search box.

To remove all the verbs that you selected click on the Unselect all verbs link.


Talk to me!

I hope these changes will make your experience of working with the program better.

As always, I am asking you for your feedback, as this gives me a lot of inspiration and makes me keep this project running.

You can always or leave a comment on this page.

Good luck with your studying.

God Jul!

22:15, 11.12.2012

Updated to version 2.2.1

It became also possible to turn off/on the Presens, Preteritum and Supinum columns.

If you don't see this update, please press Ctrl+F5 in your browser to refresh the page.

14:01, 09.02.2011

Offline version is released

Since there were many people who asked for the offline version of the program that you can download - I made one.

Basically, it's a copy of this web-page which doesn't need the internet for work.

This is a fully-functional version of the program that you can use without access to the internet. The only limitation is that the interface is only is swedish. But the translations of the verbs are still available in english and russian.

As a developer, I suggest you to use any other browser - like Firefox, Opera, Chrome, Safari - except Internet Explorer. Not only for this web-site for your everyday surfing too.

Please let me know if you experience some problems with it or something!

Thank you.

01:42, 27.01.2011

Updated to version 2.2

Finally I did what should have been done long ago.


  • Now all your personal settings will be saved even after refreshing the page. Hooray! The cookies in the browser must be turned on (usually they are).
  • Your results will also be saved.
  • The way the help tips are shown was a little bit improved.

Remember: You can always go back to standard settings by clicking on "Default settings" button under "3. Choose mode" menu.

The feedback is needed!

I'm warning you that this new version of the program hasn't been tested too deep, so new bugs can come out. If you see them I'm asking you to or leave a comment on this page.

Thank you.

17:30, 09.10.2010, updated 14:25, 11.10.2010

Updated to version 2.1.5

As you might have noticed, few weeks ago I had to roll back this programme to its previous version after I had discovered (not without your help) major problems with browser compability.

After some bug fixing I'm doing the second attempt to release the new version again. Hopefully it goes better this time.

I also want to thank users mac and Xiaodi for finding misstakes and giving me some new ideas.

What's new:

  • New «No tips» mode has been added. When it's chosen all verb forms will be shown as empty fields that need to be filled in. To choose it go to
    3. Choose mode > No hints in the settings menu.
    This mode is good for remembering new words. Try it out.
  • Updated verb DB.
  • Better browser support - now it does work in Firefox 3.8+, Internet Explorer 7 and 8, Opera 10.5+, Chrome 6+, Safari 4+
  • No support of Internet Explorer 6. I made this decision. Upgrade your browser!
  • You can still use the older version of the programme, if you like it better.

I need your feedback!

Please let me know if you experience any problems using Svenska Verb programme. You can or leave a comment on this page.

Vi hörs.

17:30, 11.9.2010

Small update to version 2.1

User Yas min emboldened me to do this update by helping with updating the verbs database, for which I'm really thankfull.

What's new:

  • 100 new verbs were added to the database (and about 250 more are waiting to be added there later)
  • I decided to combine level SAS A and SAS B into one SAS A+B, to simplify the settings and also because it's kind of tricky to decide in which level a certain verb belongs to. I decide it subjectively.

I need your feedback!

In order to continue developing the programme in the right direction I need your comments! Please tell me your thoughts about it:

  • Does it work fine on your computer?
  • If not - what doesn't work?
  • Is it easy to work with it?
  • Is there anything that should be added there?
  • Is there anything that should be changed??

Only with your help i can do something useful. That's why I ask you to or leave a comment on this page.

Thanx for your support. Cheers.

00:50, 05.08.2010

The new 2.0 version of the Svenska Verb program has been launched. Hurray!

I'm glad to announce the release of the new updated version of the programme. The main task in preparing this release was to make the programme easy to understand, easy and comfortable to use. I tried to make the interface intuitive and added a number of useful features. I want to thank everyone who expressed their ideas about improving this program. I tried to take them all into account.

Please, contact me if you have other good ideas..

List of changes:

  • Interface. All settings have been reorganized into three-step menu.
  • Design. I attempted to refresh the look of the program, bring forward all the necessary functions and hide less important details.
  • Selection of the fields: Now when you hide / add columns to the table - the table itself is not reloaded and the results of your work isn't getting lost.
  • If mode selection (ie the column, which will be used as hint) - table also does not reload and the results are not lost.
  • A new "Random" mode was added, in which the hint for each single verb is chosen at random. This is a very effective method of training verb conjugation. I recommend to use it.
  • Now the focus remains on the same field, if you entered an incorrect value.
  • Now there are special icons in the column headings. These icons have the functions of hiding the column or to use it as a hint.
  • The interface translations were fixed.

And also:

  • Comments are moved to the page with the program. (I hope it is not very disturbing)
  • The news feed that you are reading now is opened.

To be done:

  • To make it possible to save your results and settings so you do not have to do it every time you visit the web-site.
  • Update the verbs database.

Good luck in training!

P.S. In the meantime, I finished the SAS B course and received MVG grade, which makes me very glad.

16:37, 1.7.2008

The first full-fledged version of Svenska Verb 1.0. program has been launched!

Today I launched the new version of the program Svenska Verbs.

The design has been changed, the interface got improved, the functionality expanded.

I hope it will help somebody with something.

..Meanwhile I passed the natioanl exam in swedish and got my deserved SFI D level. Which I wish to you too.

Good luck

0:50, 26.3.2008

Now you can comment here!

So, today I finally launched this comment form so the potential visitors (like you) who might want to express themselves here are able to do it now.
So if you want your opinion to be published above this one - just click the right link. And fill in the form. And then click the button. And then wait for about 1734ms longer. And only then, if nothing went wrong, you`ll have your comment published. This is how things work on the web. Or at least at my part of it.
isn`t it?


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