Music is my girlfriend!

1) I am a bassist and proud of it. 2) I like to play music very much.

Below you can find several tracks where you hear me playing and sometimes even singing. I can't say that I'm very proud of this music, as I always wanted to play something different. However, often it was quite funny to play and I enjoyed the process.

3) I'm also looking for people to play with. You can read more about my musical preferences and .

"InSammer" band (Stockholm, 2012-2013)

In 2012 some friends of mine asked me to help them record the album with thier metal band. I agreed despite that I was not a fan of their music. After a couple of months of practicing in january 2013 we went to the Music-A-Matic studio in Gothenburg and made the recording. It took somewhat 2-3 weeks to record instruments and voices and then almost a year to finish the mastering. Below you can listen to the results of our work. The album is released in june 2014. When the recording was finished I left the band.

"Dog Off A Cliff" band (Stockholm, 2009-2012)

One of the very few bands that I really liked to play with. Funky and funny. In March 2010 we realeased our first album "Uncle Paul's House". Here you can listen to some of the songs. You can find the rest on DOAC's website

Recent sketches (2009-2010)

I recorded my first bass-solo. If I heard it before and somebody would told me that it was me playing - I wouldn't believe. /13-12-2009

So me time ago I had my heavy music period. The results are presented below. When it comes to heavy music I like it simple and dirty!

"SunCivilian" band (Stockholm, 2008-2009)

I played in this band as a session musician (bassist) helping them to prepare and perform at two concerts in Stockholm in November 2008 and May 2009. The tracks below were recorded during those concerts.

This is plain rock-music, quite boring and outdated. But it was ok to play almost all of it and I even liked some moments in songs as Simultaneously, Saviors & Gallows or Believe Me

Personal stuff (2005-2006)

Me re-playing and re-singing the song from "Kings Of Convinience". Those days I had deep feelings..

Once Matvey came and propose to sing a cappella some old irish(?) song. So we did.

I came up with this theme in 20 min. First I recorded the flageolet backline (on second attempt) and then improvised the melody line over it. Could be worse.

When I was jerking off CLiff Burton's "Pulling Teeth" theme, I've noticed that before getting wild in the end it comes to the A-moll and kind of fits to the beginning of Sergey Chegodaev's "Yalynka" piece, who was my bass teacher in music school at that time. So I recorded it as seemed to be funny for me.

Me And My Friends (2000-2003)

Again, Matvey and Pazzive came to visit me once and as a result we recorded this strange track. Viva low-fi!

Once Peter Mamchich asked my to compose a bassline for his song "Ulisses`82" which later got released in "Funf Lieder" album . Actually we prepared and perfomed together 40-minutes long concert program, but we never got to record it..

With the concept that anyone can do music we did the cover on Mamchich' song "Money" (along with three other songs) as a birthday present for him.

"S.P.O.K." band (Kiev, 1999)

This is my first band ever! I was 17 when we started to play and I tried bass-guitar first time in my life, otherwise they wouldn't let me play in the band.

After 6 month we got invited to a small festival in Finland. Our singer and percussionist couldn't go, so the guitarist had to play the guitar, flute and to sing. The song presented below was recorded during our live performance at that festival.